Texascavers:  The Rules

One:  THOU SHALT NOT FLAME! Civil discourse and discussion is encouraged. It's ok to disagree, but do so agreeably.  The List Keeper reserves the right to remove persistent violators.


Two:  NO LARGE attachments posted to the general list.  Ask someone before you send an attachment to them.  Feel free to post a link to a site where the attachment can be viewed or acquired. Messages are limited to 75KB and are rejected if they are above this amount. This was done to prevent large attachments. The 75KB limit includes the message and any embedded documents. If you have questions, email the webmaster below.


Three:  If you have a caver-related business, do not post your whole catalog here. Announce that you have one and will send it to those who request it, or give out your web address.


Four:  Posting to Texascavers is restricted to members of the list.  If you wish to reply to an individual off-list, please remember not to use the "reply to all" feature of your e-mail client.  And pleeease consider carefully before forwarding a message you received as an individual to the entire list.


Five:  Postings have to be on-topic, about Texas caves or cavers, caves local to or close to Texas or relevant news about caving, preferably on Planet Earth (at least until we are exploring said caves on other planetary bodies). Posts should not have a snippet about caving and then add in rider about personal lives. Repeated offenses will get a suspension or ban from the list, as determined by the moderators.


Finally, in order to prevent spam, the membership of the list is not available on line. This information is blocked and rest assured that the list owner will be very reluctant to share it with anyone. Also, only list members may post messages. If anyone tries to spam the list, the list owner will block their domain if possible.


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