Texascavers User's Guide

Joining the Texascavers (Cavetex) Mailing List

You can now join the mailing list by visting the list info page at https://groups.google.com/g/cavetex

To subscribe to the Texascavers mailing list, click the Ask to join group link at the top / center of the page as seen in

Sorry, but the membership of the Texascavers mailing list is not available online.

Leaving the Texascavers Mailing List

Browse to the mailing list page and click on My Groups, and next to the CaveTex group, click the button to leave the group.


Joining with the Digest option

To join the list with Digest, Click on My membership settings on the left side, change the drop down under Subscription to Digest

To turn off digest, do the above step and change the Subscription back to another method, either Abridged or Each email.


Posting to the Texascavers Mailing List

Posting to Texascavers is restricted to members of the list.  To post a message to all recipients of the list, send email to texascavers@texascavers.com.  If you wish to reply to an individual off-list, please remember not to use the "reply to all" feature of your e-mail client.  And pleeease consider carefully before forwarding a message you received as an individual to the entire list.


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