Texascavers User's Guide

Joining the Texascavers Mailing List

You can now join the mailing list by visting the list info page at http://lists.texascavers.com/listinfo/texascavers

To subscribe to the Texascavers mailing list, send a blank e-mail message to texascavers-join@texascavers.com

Sorry, but the membership of the Texascavers mailing list is not available online.

Leaving the Texascavers Mailing List

To remove yourself from this list, send an e-mail message to texascavers-leave@texascavers.com


Joining with the Digest option

To join the list with Digest, send an e-mail message to texascavers-join@texascavers.com (Same as above)

Now switch to digest mode by sending an email to texascavers-request@texascavers.com and put the subject as set digest plain or set digest mime

To turn off digest, do the above step and email texascavers-request@texascavers.com and use the subject set digest off


For list Help visit http://lists.texascavers.com/listinfo/texascavers

To get help with the list from this list, send an e-mail message to texascavers-request@texascavers.com with the subject of help

Posting to the Texascavers Mailing List

Posting to Texascavers is restricted to members of the list.  To post a message to all recipients of the list, send email to texascavers@texascavers.com.  If you wish to reply to an individual off-list, please remember not to use the "reply to all" feature of your e-mail client.  And pleeease consider carefully before forwarding a message you received as an individual to the entire list.


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